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In 2006, Aaron, an American documentary filmmaker, goes to the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan where he and his fixer Naweed are shooting a film about the sudden rise of the opium trade post-Taliban. During the shoot, Aaron encounters bacha bazi (literally translated “boy play”)— an ancient Afghan tradition in which young boys dress in women’s clothing and dance for wealthy warlords at parties. Afterwards, the boys are prostituted to the highest bidder. When Aaron meets Hafiz, a young and beautiful bacha bi reesh (beardless boy), Aaron’s intentions in Afghanistan become personal and the lines of east and west begin to blur. IN BLOOM is a dangerous and sensual modern allegory that peeks under the proverbial veil of gender and sexuality in Afghanistan and examines the privileges and consequences of telling someone else’s story.  


Published by Dramatic Publishing

2M / 2W

Theo Turner is a young cosmologist on the verge. But Theo’s “big bang” isn’t theoretical. His universe explodes when he and his wife travel to Attapulgus to deliver news about an impending adoption and discover that Theo’s aging parents are meth addicts.  A comedy about the frailty of faith, the unspoken bonds of family, and the mysterious expansion of the universe.


3M / 4W

Eller Freeman and her grandson Jaybo live together down by the railroad tracks. When Eller's health and sanity begin to fade, her tragic and violent past haunts her from the very walls of the old family home. On the verge of discovering love and a place in the world, seventeen-year-old Jaybo struggles to provide what his wily grandmother needs most.


(in development)

2M / 1W

In 1984, USAID and the CIA commissioned the University of Nebraska's Center for Afghanistan Studies to create textbooks for Afghan schoolchildren. The textbooks are filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings -- talk of jihad and drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers, and mines – subtle, coercive propaganda meant to stimulate resistance against the U.S.S.R.  HEARTLAND, commissioned by Interact Theatre, is inspired by these true events. In the play, Dr. Harold Banks is a renowned professor of Central Asian Literature at the University of Nebraska. When an Afghan refugee named Nazrul suddenly arrives at his doorstep claiming to know his adopted daughter, Greta– a foreign aid worker who was killed in a Taliban attack–the two men spend the next few months as unlikely roommates. Heartland unfolds as an emotional journey through love and loss, an examination of culpability and, ultimately, a meditation on the power of forgiveness.


(in development)

2W / 1M

Jayce and Redwine are a lesbian couple, living together in a Brooklyn co-op. Their best friend, Marco, is a goldstar and an eternal PhD candidate in Art History at Columbia. When DOMA is overturned, Jayce surprises Redwine by popping the question. And to her surprise, Redwine refuses. Their right to be together tears them apart, leaving Marco without the company of his two best friends…until he comes up with a plan to get them back together…an awkward threesome that results in the accidental pregnancy of both women. Thus ensues a hilarious interrogation of queer coupling and what it means to defy or define one’s self by that which we deem the status quo. SOMETHING QUIET is a sexy, romantic comedy about the myriad ways we define family and choosing love over politics.


(in development)


A blues man is dead, leaving two sons to sort out his legacy.  Jonas, a big shot NYC attorney, returns to Attapulgus to make funeral arrangements and find his father’s missing 1953 D’Angelico guitar. When he visits his brother in prison, Jonas gets a lot more from Palace than the guitar.  Like an insistent blues refrain, long buried family secrets rise to the surface.  Past meets present and the future is forever changed.  


(in development)


After her release from prison, Helly McLeod returns to Attapulgus hoping to rekindle her life with Abe and their now thirteen year old son, Jacob.  Trouble is, Abe’s married and Jacob has never heard of Helly.  Juxtaposing now and then, Down the Mountain goes after the ache that exists between what once was and  what has come to be.  A story of reclamation, redemption and a convict mother’s sacrifice for her son.

**Part of The Attapulgus Elegies. Through the lives of the citizens of Attapulgus, the 7 play collection chronicles the disappearance of a small mill town in Appalachia at the end of the 20th century.


Published by Dramatic Publishing

4M / 2W

It's Halloween in Southern California, the Santa Ana winds blow fiercely and nothing is as it seems. This magic-filled, multiple award-winning play for all ages is about two boys who become friends in spite of their differences. It examines the consequences of misused language, provides insight into the lives of Mexican-immigrant children and interrogates the issues of gender-identity and homophobic bullying.


(in development)

Book and Lyrics by Gabriel Jason Dean

Music and Lyrics by David Dabbon

The Venedicci Comet is headed straight toward Earth. Apocalyptics predict that it will strike, causing total annihilation; while most scientists speculate it will be a near-miss and Earthlings will behold history’s most awe-inspiring celestial event. Either way, Mario is prepared. With a chorus of rubber ducks and soaring songs about the theory of relativity, Mario and the Comet that Stopped the World is a musical adventure-comedy about how loss can be like an earth-shattering comet; but when faced together as a family, it can become a thing of beauty— a celebration of life and love. 


Published by Playscripts

6 either (6-11 actors possible: 0-11 females, 0-11 males)

A re-telling of the classic epic poem, this adaptation highlights the language of the original in a hybrid style of movement, music, and ritual.


Published by Samuel French


William is a seventeen year high school football star with a secret...and he’s aching to tell.


1M / 1 W

A brief, but stormy romance between two forces of nature.